Community Workforce Development

Dawson puts the Columbus Region to work by providing employment opportunities, educational programs, and career guidance to job seekers of today and tomorrow.

It's no secret that searching for a job can be a stressful, intimidating, and even scary experience for most people. That's why Dawson has designed Community Workforce Development programs to educate current and future job seekers on job opportunities available, how the job market really works, and how to best approach the next step in their journey.

For high school students

These workforce education programs are making an impact on high schools throughout the Columbus Region.

  • Shadow Days - In conjunction with its Clients and other partner organizations, Dawson connects students to job shadow days to provide career exploration in a variety of workplace settings
  • Class Presentations and Workshops - Led by employment experts from Dawson, government work organizations, and top regional employers; these hands-on, interactive sessions help students apply real-world knowledge to their first job search.
  • Community Job Fairs and Career Nights - Utilizing strong business partnerships, these events introduce students, their parents, and educators to the vast network of companies that are currently hiring and connect managers with a new source of talent.

For college students

A community workforce program designed for students who need to balance school and work. Working students at Columbus State Community College, Franklin University, Ohio Dominican University, or Ohio Christian University can earn an extra $500 a semester in tuition reimbursement.


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