7 Tips: Make the Most of Your Video Interview

One of the most common questions we get at Dawson regards TalentRooster video interviews, and how they are beneficial to you as a candidate. The answer is simple: the video interview lets potential employers see and hear you faster, to get excited about your energy and personality sooner in the interview process. Over the past few years, video interviews have become an invaluable resource in helping Dawson candidates stand out in the crowd and get hired.

That being said, here are 7 simple tips to help you make the most of your video interview:

  1. Practice makes perfect.
    Prepare for your video interview just like you would a face-to-face interview.  Rehearse answers to your interview questions beforehand so they will flow naturally when you record.
  2. Dress the part.
    You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression – and this time, your first impression is on camera.  Dress professionally.

    Bonus Tip: Wear solid colors, as some patterns can be distracting on some Web cameras.  Don’t wear white, as it may wash your face out.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings.
    Record your video interview in a room that is quiet – you don’t want any unnecessary background noise.  Make sure the space in which you are recording is tidy and free of clutter.
  4. Check the lighting.
    Your facial expressions and body language may be the most important part of your video interview.  Make sure your video shows both by recording in a well-lit room.

    Bonus Tip: Avoid recording with outside windows behind you.  The light shining through will make your face appear as a silhouette.  A solid, light-colored wall will allow for the best presentation.

  5. Make “eye contact.”
    Look at the camera as you record, rather than your computer screen.  Looking away from the camera will make you appear distracted and it may appear as if you are reading your answers, rather than naturally speaking.
  6. Relax.
    We know the job search is stressful enough – but you promise your video interview won’t be!  Breathe, pause, and take a few minutes to prepare before you record.  The video interview will be over in just a few minutes — much more relaxing than a face-to-face interview, which could take up to an hour.
  7. Take your time.
    Although the length of each video response is limited, the time that you have to record your video interview is not.  Review each response, ensure thorough answers and good video quality, and you’ll be one step closer to landing that dream job.