You scratch our back, and we’ll scratch yours. (Actually, we’re not in the back scratching business – we’ll just give you cash instead.)

At Dawson, we understand the best employees are probably already part of our extended network – friends, family, and acquaintances of our current associates. If you accept an assignment with Dawson, and know someone else looking for work, it could pay off (even more than your weekly paycheck).

How it works:

  1. Tell your friends, family, and acquaintances about Dawson.
  2. Email the resume or name, telephone number, and email address of your referral to your Dawson Recruiter.
  3. Once your referral has worked 90 days, you get a $100 bonus.

Only referrals with valid contact information qualify for the referral bonus. The referred candidate must be working on an assignment through Dawson for a total of 90 working days. Your $100 bonus will be applied to your first paycheck after the 90-day period. You must also be currently on assignment (or converted from temp to full-time) once the 90-day period concludes. $100 bonus is subject to all applicable local, state, and Federal taxes.