Dawson MSP – our Managed Services Provider team is an extension of your HR staff. By partnering with us, you'll reduce risk, time, and spend; while increasing engagement among your associates.

Workforce Solutions

All Dawson services are available as standalone or package options.

Candidate Acquisition

We build strong relationships with trusted agencies to ensure top talent for your requisitions.


Candidates are thoroughly vetted based on your culture, job duties, and any other specified criteria.


Your new staff will be more engaged with a single, friendly point of contact from day one.


We eliminate the time, risk, and responsibilities associated with taxes, deductions, and other financial burden.

Vendor Management

A single point of contact streamlines the hiring process for your staff and your labor suppliers. We employ vendor neutral, primary supplier, or master vendor arrangements based on your needs.

Compliance Management

We ensure candidates are compliant with your policies before starting their assignment, and that they remain compliant throughout the duration of the assignment.

Onsite Management Programs

We add a manager to your team to provide oversight and serve as a point of contact to all contingent staff.

Talent Pool Management

Our team implements systems to rotate your top producers and contingent labor throughout the organization to support teams and departments most in need.

HR Consulting

Our team of HR professionals can help your team develop policies and procedures to guarantee efficient operations and engaged employees.

Outplacement Services

If budgets or other outside factors force layoffs in your organization, we can help your displaced employees with coaching and job placement assistance during their transition.