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Business Development Team

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Matt Backiewicz
Vice President of Sales and Business Development
(614) 255-7309

Phil Freeman
Senior Vice President
(614) 255-1350

Ed White
Managing Partner, Legal

Jonathan Clark
Business Development Manager
(614) 255-1381


Kate Murphy, CSP
Business Development Manager
(614) 255-7316

Katrina Roby, CSP
Business Development Manager
(614) 255-1334

Mary Noel Moore, CSP
Business Development Manager
(614) 255-7394



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Dawson Office & Call Center

Emily Marshall
Office Division Manager
(614) 255-7313

Brooke Joseph
(614) 255-1384

Dinah Thornton-Buckland, CSP
(614) 255-1408

Holly Shuter, CSP
(614) 255-1410

Katie Jenkins, CSP
(614) 255-1356

Laurie Harman
(614) 255-1340

Lindsey Taylor, CSP
(614) 255-1416

Paige Maxwell
(614) 255-1406


Dawson Works

Lindy Mounts, CSP
Works Division Manager
(614) 255-7311

Bernadette Henry
(614) 255-1312

Brad Rader
(614) 255-1414


Cory Kuhlman, CSP
(614) 255-1336

Rob Castel
(614) 255-1322

Ryan Miller
(614) 255-1310

Dawson Professional

Tina Hoffman, CSP
Accounting and Finance Division Manager
(614) 255-7391

Marcy Plesha, CSP, TSC
Recruiter, Accounting & Finance
(614) 255-7336

Steve Chieffo
Creative Division Manager
(614) 255-1358

Chrissy Huizenga, CSP
Recruiter, Creative
(614) 255-1368

Mike Vance
Engineering Division Manager
(614) 255-1332

Brad Wright
IT Division Manager
(614) 255-1346

Aubrie Perry
Recruiter, IT
(614) 255-1360

Courtney Dygert, Esq.
Director, Dawson Legal
(614) 255-1392

Kristina Jeckering, Esq.
Recruiter/Project Manager, Dawson Legal
(614) 255-1418

Dawson recruiters are Certified Staffing Professionals, recognized by the American Staffing Association. The CSP certification enhances your recruiter’s knowledge of labor and employment law and Human Resources issues. In addition, many recruiters are Technical Services Certified, focusing on laws and regulations with specific relevance to technical, IT, and scientific staffing.

Account Management Team

If you're a current customer who needs assistance, contact your Account Manager.

Abby Cannell
Account Manager
(614) 255-1344

Emily Costanzo
Account Manager
(614) 255-1316

Leah Hensley
Account Manager
(614) 255-1398

Mark Cummings
Account Manager
(614) 255-7324

Melanie Dotson
Account Manager
(614) 255-7304

Travis Highley
Account Manager
(614) 255-1366

Dawson Healthcare & Vendor Management Services

Contact us for more information.

Nancy Luce, RN
Vice President, Dawson Vendor Management Services
(614) 566-4255

Vivien Whitehouse
Manager, Dawson Vendor Management Services
(614) 566-5287

General Inquiries?

Not sure who to talk to regarding your question? Send us your feedback or contact our Leadership Team.

Leadership Team

Jeff Miller

Matt Backiewicz
Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Becky Garrett, CSP
Vice President of Operations

Felicia Wilson
Director of Marketing

Our Owners

Brothers Chris and David Decapua are second-generation co-owners of Dawson, a business acquired from their father Joe in 1999.

Chris attended the University of Alabama prior to joining Dawson in 1987. He has served on multiple non-profit boards in Central Ohio, including The Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center, Camp Mary Orton and is currently on the Job Services Board for Cristo Rey High School, one of Dawson's charity partners. He resides in Upper Arlington with his wife and four young children.

David graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Communications. Before joining the family business, he spent 4 years as a pharmaceutical sales representative. David is deeply rooted in the community, as an active member of Upper Arlington Rotary, Upper Arlington Community Foundation, and a volunteer coach for his children's sports teams. He is also currently serving his second term on Upper Arlington City Council, where he, his wife, and three children proudly reside.